H.arts Henna Artistry is melting pot of creative art, vision, and natural talent. 


Since discovering her unique passion for handcrafted art and henna design years ago, Hajar Cummings, sole artist at H.arts Henna, made the decision to start her at-home business to bring her creativity to life. She is constantly envisioning new places to take her talents while establishing her family of four children in the suburbs of Chicago. H.arts Henna has grown beyond its humble beginnings to show in many art showcases and service customers internationally.  H.arts aims to eventually employ other artisitic, driven mothers to empower the stereotyped image of the 'stay-at-home mom'. 

It’s important for my four children to know that moms are multi-faceted, intelligent, resourceful, strong, business-minded individuals.
— Hajar Cummings, CEO | H.Arts Henna