A Passion Project comes to Life!

Muslim Made Market is my passion project! This marketplace event comes after years of recognizing a void and wanting to do something about it.  It is only after mustering up the courage and reminding myself that in order to get things done, you have to sometimes take a leap, that I decided to launch this project. An intimate marketplace made by Muslims, for Muslims with an intent focus on small businesses.

Why is Muslim Made Market Necessary?

For so many small businesses, it is very difficult to be seen and appreciated amongst the giants of their fields.  Our existing Muslim-run bazaars are too large, too competitive and certainly too expensive for start-up businesses to excel in.    As a small business owner and participant in many local marketplace events, there is a noticeable lack in Muslim-owned businesses represented at these events and Muslim visitors are few and far between.  

Muslim Made Market is our way of helping to shine a light on Muslim-made, Muslim-designed,  and Muslim-owned businesses by showcasing their goods in an intimate community setting. 

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If you’re a Muslim-owned small business and you have been waiting to show the community your amazing products, we can’t wait to meet you!




Help us to make our goal and grow our event!

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Show how much you believe in this venture by becoming a sponsor. Your business will be promoted on our social media and in print. Muslim Made Market would be honored to have you sponsor our event!